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WenEver by Ming-Na Wen is Ming-Na’s lifestyle brand, where she shares her secret to her fountain of youth and happy living. 


Inspired by fans, Ming-Na believes she can help people better their lifes by sharing her secrets to staying positive and healthy. Combining the philosophies of the east and the west, Ming-Na shares recipes, beauty and fitness tips, life hacks etc. through WenEver.

Ming-Na also believes in the strength of a healthy, positive mindset. With WenEver, she shares her thoughts and experience on how she overcome stressful or negative situations.  

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“No matter how stressful a situation can be, look at it as a privilege that you can do all of these things. That’s one of the greatest gifts that you can give yourself.”

- Ming-Na Wen, Live Happy, 2017 

WenEver is not a quick fix. But a way to better your lifestyle, by giving your daily routines an extra boost. Through WenEver, you can learn how to stay focus on your goals, while achieving it at you own pace, “WenEver” you can. So hop on the ride, as we journey together to become true WenEver Warriors. 

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