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My body is my business. Literally.

My body is my business. Literally.

As an actor, it’s my instrument. From head to toe! The characters I create are my “products.” My art is 3D displayed in a 2D format. 🎥🎞🎬📺

Like an athlete that must train to perform their best, I have to have the same discipline. 💪🏼🎭Athletes don’t get criticized for working out, training and losing weight for their sports. Actors share the same challenges but are not often given the same respect. It’s not vanity. It’s our job just like athletes. Putting in 12-17 hour days require us to be fit and healthy. Especially when portraying action heroes with stunts and fight scenes. 💪🏼👊🏼

But I do relax when I’m not working in front of the camera. 😊Hence the extra 10 pounds I’ve gained this year! 😬 YIKES!

Hormonal changes doesn’t help.😵‍💫😡

As you can see on my scale chart, I went up to over 129lbs. Now for my height, this is still a very healthy weight. It’s just not my CAMERA weight which I’ll need to achieve in a few weeks. So I have to lose this extra baggage.

I wanted to explain all this so you understand why I need to lose weight. I don’t have to, I can still act at 129, but I WANT to FEEL my best! Think of it as game day for an actor. My optimal camera weight goal is between 118-120lbs. I want to bring my A game!

So far, the scale is going in the right direction! And its been TOUGH to lose weight. Especially with menopause. Hell! There is a DEFINITE “PAUSE!” 😫No joke!

Pause on metabolism. On motivation. On focus. On giving a shit! 😂 But my little tricks for my trade is working! 👏🏼👏🏼

I decided to share them with anyone out there who’s struggling to get to their optimal body. Make it your business! 😘🥰

Credit: Weneverbymingnawen instagram.


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