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50 Shades of Ming


From loving mother and wife to Queen of Innuendos, Ming-Na has a dynamic personality with many many different sides of her that fans love. So here’s a list of different shades of Ming-Na, you may or may not know of. 


“I’m thinking she has a superpower, Ming. She can find innuendo in a diner menu.”


- Clark Gregg, New York Comic Con 2017

Ming-Na is known for being naughty on set, or anywhere. It would not be an interaction with Ming-Na if innuendos were not mentioned. The cast of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. called it the Mingism. Here’s a session of Innuendos 101 by Ming-Na Wen, personally requested by our Queen of Innuendos. Enjoy! *winks*


Ming-Na loves panda and has a huge collection of panda merchandise including soft toys, onesies, jackets. Her latest addition to her collection is Bao Bao, a voice interactive panda soft toy from Eric on Valentine’s Day.

Star Wars Geek Girl

Ming-Na is a Star Wars Geek Girl, and is often seen on social media fangirling about anything Star Wars. Her latest fangirl moment includes Mark Hamill Retweeting her tweet on her insomnia. She was also fangirling over him from afar during the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Premier and also met Harrison Ford.

Infectious Laugh

Co-Stars are always talking about how Ming-Na is always laughing on set. Someone once told her that her laugh was like her cow bell, you will always know where she is. Even Clark Gregg recently said that he calls her up just to hear her laugh. Her bubbly personality and her spirit truly brightens everyone up around her.

Honorary Stuntwomen

Ming-Na is a real-life badass trained in Chinese Kung Fu, Wu Shu, and Taekwando. As Agent Melinda May in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., she does 80-90% of her stunts, often having to conquer her fear of heights to deliver the action pack scenes we love. Despite the injuries she sustains from the fight scenes, the most serious having tore her ACL while filming a fight scene in Season 4, it has never deterred her from delivering her best. Ming-Na was made her honorary stuntwomen and earned herself the 2017 Action Icon Award and 2018 Artemis Action Paladin Award. 

Bead Bracelets

Mingalings picked up Ming-Na’s love for bead bracelets and it has since become a way for Ming-Na to interact with fans. Fans were able to send Ming-Na bead bracelets when she was still filming Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. Eric even handmade a bracelet stand for Ming-Na to keep all the bracelets she has received! So do bring Ming-Na a bead bracelet the next time you get to meet her!