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Before and after: Shelf unit

Before and after: Shelf unit

Before I talk about the #mulan bronze statue and our reunion decades later, I have to share the efforts in creating its display space!

Looking back, I’m astounded we LIVED in the house during its entire remodel! We moved our stuff 20 times from room to room. We collaborated closely with our amazing contractor. Did most of the design, purchases etc. Very proud of us!❤️👍🏼👏🏼


1. Aug 2021 The shelf unit completed. Took only another year before I actually got to decorate it.🙃

2&3. The before. The area behind the shelf used to be an open sunken wet bar next to the library. We changed the bar to a bathroom. Library to a bedroom. BIG CHANGES.👍🏼

4. All the major plumbing, electricals & new walls went up.

5. Design for the wall unit.

6. Completed.

7. Filled, but not final.

Source: weneverbymingnawen instagram.


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