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Pre-house warming party

A home doesn’t have to be picture perfect. 🏡Ours certainly wasn’t! We still had rooms full of boxes and a few unfinished projects. But we missed throwing our parties.

Eric & I were like, “WTH! Our family & friends don’t care about the mess!” So over this past Labor Day weekend, we had a pre- house warming party!! 🥳🎉

SO FUN!! We got to showoff all the hard-work we put into the house remodel. 🏡🔨🛠And we did what we love to do.


We both cooked up some yummy meals…in our new beautiful kitchen. But, Eric’s banana foster was the showstopper!🍌🔥

Also, thank you @jenchiwu for the stunning Chinese water color! You are so talented. It will be an incredible addition to our renovated home.👍🏼🙌🏼😘

Great new memories. No one remembers the boxes & clutter. That’s love.🥰❤️

Credit: weneverbymingnawen instagram.


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