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As a Singaporean Chinese girl, Mulan has always been a huge part of my life growing up. But while Mulan the folklore taught me how to love my family, Disney's Mulan taught me how to love myself, and I've always love her for that.


I only started watching Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in 2019 (I know, so late!), when I finally had time to myself as I was recovering from my lupus relapsed. That was when I fell in love with Melinda May. It was also only then did I found out the amazing women behind Melinda May, Ming-Na Wen, is also my Mulan growing up.  


And while I was struggling with my lupus recovery, Ming-Na shared a post after her Disney Legend Award that reminded me to be humble and grateful for the things in life, what I have, what I managed to achieve, the people who have always been there for me. And from there it gave me strength, hope and believe that I can do this, if not for myself, then for them. 


Ming-Na, you are a simple person and I think because of that, feel like we can relate and connect with you. Your generosity in spirit and positive outlook in life keeps me going, to work hard in what I believe in, to never give up on my dreams, and while we are at it, share some love here and there. And at the end of the day, be appreciative and humble. Thank you for being you and for encouraging us to be us and a little more. I really hope I'll be able to meet you someday to thank you in person.


This website is a love message from fans to you, to let you know how much you mean to us. We love you and hope you like the website! ️⁣


Lele 樂樂 (@mingaling_lele)


Web Developer/Writer



I grew up with a lot of Disney films in my childhood, being born in 1990. However, my mom went out of her way to make sure I saw certain types of films because diversity was important to her. I just remember watching Mulan when I was 8 years old and thinking how cool it was to see not only a woman warrior but an Asian woman warrior. Years later, when you were casted as Melinda May, I knew I had to watch this spectacular show because not only have I idolized you from ER and Stargate Universe, but I am such a Clark Gregg fan. You both in the same show was my everything.


It wasn’t until years later that I realized Dr. Deb Chen was also Mulan and I was floored. C2E2 came around the corner and I got the chance to meet you and get you to sign my arm. It was one of the single greatest days of my entire life. I can’t thank you enough for giving us these iconic characters but showing that women are superheroes too. Later after you signed my arm, I got Mulan in Chinese under your signature so I can have the trifecta of Mulan, Melinda May and my hero Ming-Na Wen tattooed.


My hope in this website is that you see how important you are to each of us who poured our heart and soul into making this possible, but also to show you how much you are adored by your Mingalings. Thank you for always being so sweet, caring, loving and adoring with your fans. Your a true inspiration to me and so many other women around the globe. Working on this is my THANK YOU.  We love you, Ming-Na.


Alicia (@Philinda_AoS)


Multimedia designer



As many kids do, I grew up watching Disney movies. They were my escape from reality where I could transport myself into a fantastical world and dream that anything was possible. One of my favorite movies has always been Mulan because she was so different, in a good way, from the other princesses. She was a strong independent badass warrior who taught me how to follow my heart and how to love myself.

I started watching Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in 2014 when I was just 15 years old. As a young woman of color (Mexican-American) seeing strong women of color on TV meant the world to me. As an introvert, someone who is generally very quiet and who it takes a while to open up to other people; Melinda May made me feel less alone. I was no longer the only one who struggled with her inner demons and always wanted to keep others safe by putting up walls. I literally grew up watching Melinda May grow and slowly open up again to let people in. I also learned more about this badass and inspiring actress a.k.a you, Ming-Na Wen. I started watching your other films, tv shows, and panels. It wasn't until then that I realized that my favorite princess when I was a kid was voiced by the same actress who I now loved so much. Suddenly everything seemed connected.

I will never forget the first time I met you at SDCC 2015 and how YOU made it happen. From the minute you answered my tweet that Saturday morning, to getting me inside the convention center, into the AOS signing, and to the moment when I was finally standing in front of you, hugging you and on the verge of tears. I knew you were one of the kindest and most special people in this world. That day will always remain as one of the best days ever of my life. For the following SDCC's I always looked forward to seeing you again even if it was only for a few minutes. It made my year every time I got to hug you again and talk a bit. Knowing I would see you again kept me going through some of the darkest moments of my life.

I really do believe it was thanks to you Ming-Na that I started to follow my heart from a very young age, and that now as a young adult I continue to do so. My life wouldn’t be the same without you in it and I never would have been brave enough to pursue something I’m passionate about which is a major in film. You’ve helped me to slowly grow my inner confidence throughout the years, taught me that is important to always follow your heart, to be true to yourself, to be humble, to persevere, and to never give up on your dreams. I’ve been struggling a lot this past year in college, but you are always there to remind me to keep going and that things will get better. Despite all the challenges and rejections I’ve already had to face, I try my best to get up again every time. I’m so incredibly grateful that you exist because you’re a bright light in this world. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for you so thank you from the bottom of my heart.

We hope that this website shows you how much you mean to us and all of your mingalings. We love you!


Angela (@angeperalta)

I grew up watching a lot of action movies and Marvel movies are always a must-watch. Being more of a TV show kind of girl, I was beyond thrilled when Marvel released their first TV series. I didn't get to watch it till 2015 and little did I know that this "tiny Asian woman" would capture my heart. Melinda May inspired me to be strong and badass in face of difficulties, while Ming-Na taught me to have hope and work hard to make dreams into reality.


Both amazing women, who couldn't have been more different, have become my everyday inspiration to do better, and be better. Meeting YOU at BJCC 2016 was truly my biggest dream came true. Being a little girl that lives on the other side of the world makes meeting any Hollywood stars virtually impossible. Even though I barely said anything because I was so starstruck and words really aren't my thing, I'm so glad that I'm able to give you my art works with my own hands since it's my only way to express my love to you. I really hope we'll meet again one day. The many friendship forged in this fandom is probably the biggest gift from you. And this website is our little gift back to you. We love you, Ming-Na!


Winnie (@Ms_Stanatic)


Social Media Coordinator



I think I’m he last one here to become your fan. It was June 2020, you know THAT year, and I was bored going through Disney Plus and I remembered a friend was watching Agents of SHIELD so I thought to give the show a try. One of the best decisions of the year and possibly of my life. I was going through a rough time of my life because health issues (aka diabetes) and I loved the show so much. I've became philinda fan since day one and of course I fell in love with Melinda May right away. I've been a geek for years and I usually love badass women so this time wasn't an exception. I also relate with May a lot. I'm a shy person who doesn't share too much of her life (seriously I'm struggling writing this) and May was kind that too so I could relate to her on that side too. 

And there's you, Ming-Na Wen, who are the opposite of her and a truly light in the darkness on that time. It's funny because when some fans of someone said "He/she saved me." I always thought that was impossible, but now I have to say that you saved me. You inspired me. I've started editing again (and being more creative in general) because of you after years of not doing it because my inspiration was gone. I may or not became a video editor professionally, time will tell, but I will fight for it because you and your message that we have to follow our dreams. 


I love that you are a geek and you understand what we feel. I'm also so grateful of meeting you in London last year on your birthday, that was an amazing experience that I will always remember. I'm really proud to be a Mingaling, meeting new people and sharing my love for you with others. We love you Ming-Na!

Ana (@Anasyx)

Italian. Born in the ‘90s.

I grew up watching Disney movies. Still watching because I think you should always embrace the child side inside you. People grow up dreaming about meeting Prince Charming, I was there hoping to be as badass as one of my favorite Disney’s “princesses”: Mulan! Little did I know I would later love the actress who gave her the voice. 

It was a cold day in November 2015 when some friends told me to watch Agents of SHIELD. I missed Coulson, so I started the show. That’s where I saw a tiny, beautiful, badass Asian woman who, day after day, stole my heart. Melinda May means a lot to me. A lot. She helped me through some hard times where I had to “fight” my demons. And after knowing the character more I also wanted to know more about the actress playing her. I started seeing interviews, panels and behind the scenes and, I don’t know exactly when and how my love for Ming-Na Wen became stronger.

She is an inspiration for many people, for me too. And we share something: I too find innuendos everywhere and I can make dirty jokes even on something innocent.

One of my dreams is meeting her. I went to Disney’s D23 event because two of my favorite people were going to receive the honor to become Disney Legends. And of course one of them was Ming-Na Wen. I was there cheering for her, being an emotional mess. I finally got the opportunity of a life time when I met Ming-Na in London, November 2021. 

Fun fact? When I was a kid, playing the Street Fighter video game I always chose Chun-Li. I think it’s fate!


Katia (@katiascrii)

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