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What if humans sweat from their tongues like dogs?

What if humans sweat from their tongues like dogs?👅🐾😝😂

We went for a walk this morning. Starting exercise regime.

You see, I took some time off from posting stuff. All my focus went to becoming acquainted with my new kitchen and reorganizing the house. Guess I cooked and ATE WAY too much. I gained 10 lbs!!!😳 Most of my clothes don’t fit well anymore which sucks.

I am going to post about this new challenge: To lose 10 lbs before the holidays. This way I am motivated to post exercises which will actually get me to exercise.

Ugh, I used to blink and lose weight. (SIGH) Apparently my fast metabolism quit on me. SUCKS!!😩

Oh, I got a girlfriend to join me in losing weight. 👏🏼Always helps to have support👍🏼. We’re also both quite competitive, so that’s another motivator. Who can reach their weight goal first. 😁

Do you want to join me in my challenge? If you do, use #WenEverLess10

Wish me luck! And I wish you luck too! ❤️🥰

Source: weneverbymingnawen instagram.


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