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Travel Tips 🧳

Travel tips for plane trips:

  1. Have Vitamin C powder/tablets: add to water to strengthen immune system & hydrate💦💧💪

  2. Instant coffee,milk tea, or hot chocolate packs: Ask flight attentant for hot water and enjoy your favorite hot beverage.☕️☕️

  3. Lip balm/toner/moisture spray/lotion : Gotta stay moisturized!💦💧

  4. Snacks🍎🥨🥪

  5. Mask: I add a couple of drops of my favorite essentail oil or menthol ointment so I breathe in healing aromatheraphy and avoid catching bad airborneof germs from hours of recycled air. This is also great to avoid smelling people’s farts!! Hate that on flights. Bleh! 😖😷

  6. Electronics: airpods or headphones/ipad/iphone, plug & charging cord & charger 📱⌚️💻

  7. Exercise bands

  8. A special travel seat cushion for long flights. It really relieves the pressure from my lower back from hours of sitting. Find one that works for you!

  9. My @oneloveonetribeapparel shawl. It folds ups small, doesn’t wrinkle & keeps me warm and cozy.

  10. 10) Neck massager

All this easily fits into my carry on backpack with plenty of room left for lots of other stuff. But these are my essential travel items. 😘🥰✈️🙏 #wenever™️ #traveltips


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