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Trash Talk

Trash talking!

I’m training myself to have new habits when it comes to trash.

Did you know that the fruit and vegetable scraps we all mix with our garbage that end up in landfills are deprived of oxygen. This prevents the food from breaking down safely and naturally compost. Trapped rotting food instead release methane, which is SUPER BAD for our environment. 😔It contributes to climate change more than greenhouse gas. YIKES!! Why are we just finding out about this?!!🤷🏻‍♀️

I’m amazed how quickly food scraps/coffee grinds/egg shells etc, fill this bin I use for my food trash!🗑

Coffee grinds I toss into my garden. It’s good for the plants. The rest goes into the green bin that has garden cuttings. If you don’t have green bins in your area, check and see how to dispose of our food scraps. Or learn to compost at home.

It’s a small step to helping our beautiful Earth. If we all learn to do this, it will have a bigger impact! 👏🏼

It’s the stuff we have to toss out anyway! Not much effort to separate the trash. We all had to learn to separate our recyclables, right?

It’s more to remember and have new habits. I feel good doing my part. Hope you join in this! 🥰❤️

It’s easy to find out what can be compost trash and what can’t. Just go online to learn how you can help our environment. 🌎🌲🌱❤️👍🏼👏🏼

Source: weneverbymingnawen instagram.


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