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Sloppy Joes Sliders

Sloppy Joe sliders. 😋😋😋😋😋😋


Tomorrow, I’ll just warm up the meat, put it in a thermos. Add a few Hawaiian breads, so Cooper can share with his buddies at school tomorrow at lunch. Meanwhile, these two sloppy joes are MINE!! So delicious! Go check out my IG story to see how easy it was to make it.


It took 10 mins to prep, 15 mins to cook. Simmer for 20-25mins. Enjoy!

I’m figuring out the best way to have recipes posted where I can answer questions. Let me know if you like the IG stories. And what works for you to really learn about these meals. And to offer you beauty tips. Thank you, @weneverwarriors 🥰


Another tip if you cook for 1:

Cook the meats, onions and garlic. Take half the amount and put it aside. Once it’s cooled, wrap some in aluminum foil or freezer bag. Keep some in the refrigerator to use for other dishes. It’s ready and avail for the next 3 days before you’ll have to freeze that too!


Make the Sloppy Joe with the other half of the cooked meat. You can also freeze the rest in small batches!


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