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Sleep Naked

Health benefits of sleeping naked:

1) Keeps body temp cooler

2) promotes better sleep

3) Increases brown fat activity which boost metabolism to burn blood sugar & stored white fat

5) lowers heart disease

6) clearer thinking and better focus

7) reduces risk of depression

8) reduces stress & anxiety

9) increases male fertility (benefits hubby which benefits me.😄)

10) prevents weight gain( well, you still gave to eat sensibly and exercise! But it improves your metabolism, hence you burn calories faster.)

So wenever™️ you go to bed, strip down to your birthday suit and get a better night’s sleep. 😊

When you sleep better, your brain clears itself of toxic proteins. Make sure you get more than 7 hrs of sleep too. And take naps. Such an easy anti-aging and health boosting tip, right?

PS I also love how gravity pulls everything back when taking selfies lying down! Instant face lift!😂🤣 Sweet dreams, my WenEver™️Warriors!😘❤️


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