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Cooper had 3 buddies over today. When you have 4 hungry teenage boys, making quesadillas is the way to go! They can be individualized to suit each kid. These quesadillas are super easy, economical and delicious to serve! Look at my IG stories to see how quick it is to make them! 👏👍


Tip: Always have flour or corn tortillas, a bag of mixed cheeses and some sandwich meat stocked in your frig. Here I made a plain cheese quesadilla and a couple of chicken, onions & cheese quesadillas. Cooper wanted one with all that plus spinach. I also had sour cream and salsa stocked. Serve hot. It only took 15 minutes to make all these quesadillas, and they were devoured in 10 mins! The best part was all the boys said, “Thanks, Mom!” 🥰👏😁😋#momlifeeasier


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