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Pancake Cereal

Heard of this #quarantine craze? It’s #pancakecereal!! 🥞🥞🥞I had to give it a try this weekend. I used #glutenfree pancake mix, but any pancake mix will do. Made sure the mixture is more fluid so it flows out of the squeeze bottle easily. Then it’s just making mini-pancakes! I used chopsticks to flip each one, but you can use a spatula. Make sure the pancakes are cooked well on the first side so you can easily flip them. I also used my airfryer oven to keep them warm and crispy while I make the next batch. You can do the same with a toaster oven. Then add maple syrup, fruits, butter, chocolate syrup, or anything you want! Some people add milk and eat it like real cereal. I would think that would get super mushy, unless you are a fast eater! Enjoy your #memorialweekend! Stay safe and try something new while #stayathome. 😘❤️🥰🥞🥞🥞


Also, I don’t know how to do the extended IG videos. That’s why it’s this way.


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