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You have one in your home? All the holiday decorations, paper, tapes, bins, boxes, gifts, lights, etc got thrown into my office!! And not in any organized way either. No Marie Kondo here!!!😂

I am like everyone else, where I have to clean up my own mess! I’m sure celebs like Beyonce or The Rock have an army of people to decorate & clean their homes. But here in mine, it’s just me. MamaMing. 😄

Also, since I’ve been purging & decluttering the house for our remodel, all the stuff to give away or donate also got thrown into my office!😒😟

But I don’t stress about the mess. Today, I finally decided to devote two hours to straightening up as much as I could. I put on some music, set my alarm and TOOK ON THE TASK!


WenEver is about giving yourself the leeway to do the task when you can get to it. This became my 2 hour challenge and it was a great workout! What a difference 2 hours made! Sooo satisfying!😁👏🏼🙌🏼

Now, I can relax the rest of my break with my family, enjoy our home that’s all decked out in Xmas cheer. PLUS, I can walk into my office now without tripping over things!👏🏼👏🏼

Hope this inspires you to tackle your holiday mess!🎄🥰


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