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No Bad White Food Diet

Woohoo! Another half pound gone!

This is my breakfast, so definitely not starving on the “no bad white food diet!”

I call it “Bad white food” diet becuz obviously, I’m having egg white which is WHITE FOOD . 😏 But egg white is ok to eat because it’s not the overly processed white foods. THOSE are be avoided. So the “no white food” name is a bit misleading.

Once I reach my camera weight goal, I will eat white rice again. But smaller amounts. Hell, I’m a Chinese girl. I can’t give up white rice! Or noodle soups at ramen restaurants!🍜

But for now, I’m very satisfied! Look at this yummy breakfast!😋😋

Egg white with spinach omelette, arugula with figs in MingMade balsamic vinaigrette dressing, sweet potato patties. And latte with oat milk.

Sweet Potato Patties Recipe:

1) Boil or steam sweet potatoes, purple potatoes or yams. Anything but white potatoes. Let cool.

2) Mash the cooked non-white potatoes of your choice.

3) Chop up a few cooked chestnuts, sprinkle in some hemp seeds or pumpkin seeds, any nuts you like! About 1/4 ratio to the potatoes. More if you prefer.

4) Mix well with mashed potatoes.

5) Form into small patties. Say about 2” in diameter. Remember, it’s also about portions!

6) Cover with brown rice bread crumbs. This step is optional. I like the little bit of crunch.

7) Spray avocado oil, olive oil or canola oil into pan, cook both sides over medium heat until golden brown.

8) Enjoy! Can refrigerate or freeze. 💋❤️

What are you having for breakfast?!😋


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