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Moon Lady Ming’s YUMMY YOGURT!

Moon Lady Ming’s YUMMY YOGURT!

•Fatfree Greek yogurt

•chia seeds


•pumpkin seeds

•fresh pomegranate



•linden berry jam

•blk sesame powder

•soy milk


You can pack your yogurt bowl with anything you want. Just make it easier for yourself by having the dry goods premixed in one container.

My combo has anti-oxidants, fiber, fruit, protein, probiotics and lots of vitamins. Most important, its delish and filling.

TRICK: I eat this VERY SLOWLY. I take a spoonful, then put it aside. Go off and do something (like writing this post. )

After several minutes, I take another spoonful. It can take me up to half an hour to eat this bowl!! But I notice I am full longer eating this way. And don’t have that need to snack! Because I’m snacking on this meal.👍🏼

Credit: weneverbymingnawen instagram.


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