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Ming-Na's Off Day

Off Duty. Sort of.

When I have a day off from filming, I often find myself with so much more that I have to do! You ever feel that way?

At home, I am organizing, cleaning, cooking meals, zoom meetings and dealing with a million things at once.

But at work, I just have to focus on ONE task...acting. 😁

Hence, my day off usually look like THIS! Piles of paper, books, electronics, and a panda. Lol

Ping-Ping, my panda bear keeps me company while I exercise and go through all my STUFF! 🐼🧡

I am currently in the design phase of our house remodel, finally writing my cookbook, producing a couple of projects and bullet journaling. Oh, it might sound like a lot, but I enjoy all of it. So even though this list of to-dos requires a lot of my time and energy, it never FEELS like work. So why not throw in some exercise too!👍🏼💪🏼

Workout tip: I have to strengthen my legs to support me knees. Gotta stay strong to be Fennec! 😁Best thing is using a stationary bike. I found one with a table so that I can work or watch a show while biking. An hour can fly by this way!

Wenever™️ you can, workout while you’re working.

After this, I’m taking a nice long bath! 🛀#happyweekend 😘#pandaming🐼


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