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Healthy Snacks

Steamed broccoli & salsa.


All this food is about 50 calories! Full of vitamins and the salsa adds the flavor & punch but not the fat or calories! If dont like broccoli, steam cauliflower or any of your favorite veggie.


This satisfies my hunger because of all the fiber and flavor. Its great as a snack. Easy and fast. And digesting all that fiber burns up calories too! Its a win-win!


Avocado Munch! About 60 calories.

Instead of avocado TOAST, I tried this #mingmade guacamole on a celery stick. Bread, whether gluten-free or not, has lots of calories and sugars.

I find that celery satisfies my need for the crunch in food. If you find a different substitute for the bread thats low in calories, let me know! Also, since avocados are also high in calories and fat, I use less of it in my guac. Theres less than a quarter of an avocado here, with more tomatoes, onions & cilantro. Add a little salt, pepper, mustard & lime juice. And MUNCH!!

Snack on this. Blueberries & strawberries. Less than 50 calories here.

Im finding that if I find foods that I can eat throughout the day that are full of fiber, nutrients, water & flavor, I have less cravings. Also, snack slowly. I think I can burn this snack off just by doing dishes or putting my makeup on! 弘


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