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Egg-cited about Eggs

Look at these beautiful fresh eggs my buddy, @tompayne5 gave me yesterday! They look like Easter eggs! Why arent eggs in our grocery stores like this? I get egg-cited when I learn something new. Like fresh eggs. I first saw eggs left out on shelves, unrefrigerated in Europe. Thats because eggs have a coating called the bloom that preserves them. They last in room temp for a MONTH or more!! Yep! Eggs can be kept on your counter for that long!!i never knew! 蛋ust wash the bloom off with warm tap water before using. Why does the USA refrigerate eggs? Because the eggs are washed before placed in cartons. Once that happens, the eggs MUST to be refrigerated. Well, PandaMing enjoyed a couple of these yummy fresh eggs. They just taste better! Great way to enjoy my 1st day off in 3 weeks! 弘潑歹


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