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Christmas Tree Time! 🌲

My Christmas Tree Tips:

1) Place tree into stand while outside of your home. Center it & tighten the metal spokes.

2) With tree still outside, gently reach into the center and remove as much of dead needles from trunk & branches. Just run your fingers gently from top to bottom. You’ll end up with less mess inside.

3) Once your tree is where you want it in your home, say, “Welcome to our home, Christmas Tree! We love and thank you for celebrating the holidays with us.”🎄❤️

4) Add water to stand. I’ve been told to put some 7up with the water. The citrus & sugar may help the tree to last longer.

5) Then spray the needles generously with just water.

6) I usually decorate the tree the day we bring it home. This year, I’m going to wait a couple of days. I’m going to give it all the water it needs, add a humidifier in the room. Give the tree more time to acclimate before adding hot lights and ornaments to it. I want this darling to last as long as possible. We may be spending many days at home this holiday season, right? Might as well make it super festive!🎄🎁🎄

7) Check the water level at the base every day. Give it some 7up too! Spritz with water as often as you like. 💦💦Shower your Xmas tree 🎄with lots of love! ❤️❤️

I go nuts for the refreshing smell of pine in my home. 🥰

That’s all for now! #Wenever you can create tradition with yourself, with family & friends, every year becomes more special because of the shared familiar experience. Traditions create stronger bonds & memories in your life which in turn makes you healthier in mind & spirit. So start creating traditions in your life. It could be a tree, a meal...just about anything! 🥰


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