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Breakfast that satisfies 😋

Polish sausage, sauerkraut, onions, egg.


Believe it or not, I am on a diet. Already down 2 lbs in a week. 👏👏My body has been feeling a bit flabby. Not fat. But flabby. My muscles are loose and I have a definite belly pooch. In order to lose the weight and slenderize, I limit my carb intake. This includes bread, pasta, white rice, and sugar. I eat Akai rice instead. But I don’t have to deprive myself of food. In fact, I’m learning that fats help with brainpower. And boy, do I need help in THAT dept!! 🤪🤪

The protein in the eggs & sausage builds muscles and gives me energy. The sauerkraut is great for digestion and many other benefits. 👍A great breakfast to kick start my day. 🙌

But don’t forget that you HAVE to exercise if you want real results.


Exercise tip: Do 5 mins 5 times a day. You’ll find the time that way. No more excuses. 👍💪🥰


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