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You Can Do It Too 👊🏼

Yes, if I can do this, so can you.👊🏼

I wrote a lengthy post about this on @mingna_wen. You can go there to read it if you want.

Here’s the #wenever version.

I never gave up on my dreams, and I always encourage anyone I meet to never give up on theirs. #wenever is about making your life work for you at your own pace. No rules but your own. No time frame but the one you make for yourself. You have to put in the effort, you have to fight for your dreams. No easy picnic or magical fairy godmother. But the reward will be that much sweeter because you put in the effort.

This display is a reminder to me how I went from being a little nerd who felt invisible and small, who never quite fit in, to being recognized in my hometown along with the illustrious alums of @carnegiemellon such as #andywarhol and @theebillyporter. I am shocked and honored to be included. Stuff of dreams like this apparently can happen. So go after your dreams.😍😘

Thank you @cmudrama for helping me to gain the skills and confidence to pursue acting. Grateful to @carnegiemellon for this incredible inclusion and honor. ❤️🥰👏🏼


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