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This looks crazy, but it is my reality.

Ming-Na posted on her social media a few days ago that she has covid and she wasn't be able to attend Star Wars Celebration, today she posted an update of how she and her family is doing on WenEver instagram.

This looks crazy, but it is my reality. 😏#DisneyLegend😂

I got Covid for the first time and missed out on the Star Wars Celebration which was a massive bummer. 😢😞

My mom, Eric & Cooper also caught it….more bummer news. 😩 But at least, everyone has mild symptoms. My mother-in-law is still negative. To keep her that way, I put on this protective gear. Afterall, I still have to feed the family! 🍳🧑🏻‍🍳

I really don’t know what works anymore. I wore my mask every time I went out, but majority of the people did not. So, chances are high that a contagious virus will eventually get me, right? I know so many of my friends & family in different states & countries who also has it or had gotten it. Hoping this is what herd immunity means and that it will work to end all this Covid restrictions and protocol! That Covid will just considered the common cold. Well, I hope so, anyway. 🤷🏻‍♀️

I had very mild symptoms. Thanks to the vaccines. Yay! And now, I’m building natural immunities too! 👍🏼

I look forward to not having to wear this protective gear anymore, that’s for sure. Oh, and to be able to have a kitchen again! 🙏🏼

Hope you all stay well over the Memorial Day Holiday. No matter how crazy life gets, it is important to remember our fallen heroes and their families and give thanks to all those who served. 🇺🇸❤️


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