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"Oh Shit" Moment!

Ever have one of those? I usually allow myself to panic for a minute then I go into action mode. How to take care of the situation.


ISSUE: I just flew back from NYC to LA last night. I thought I had until tomorrow to fly back to NYC for work. Only it’s a redeye and I need to be at the airport TONIGHT, not Tues night. So I now have to pack again. For my NYC trip, my Vegas trip and the D23 Legends Award in Anaheim! And I also have many other things to get done. Only I have one less day to do it all now!!!😣


My advice: #Wenever you have an issue, ALWAYS look for the solution rather than focus on the problem. If you do that, you will have less stress and be more productive. You will be in control. Focusing on the problem only makes it grow bigger and become more than it is. Follow me today as I solve mine! 👍💪🥰❤️😘@weneverbymingnawen @mingna_wen


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