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Ming-Na's Home Remodel Journey 1

Family, friends, and co-workers, believe it or not, today, we are finally starting to remodel! I’m sure you were all tired of hearing us talk about remodeling our home the past NINETEEN YEARS!!! But it’s now truly happening. SOOOO EXCITED!👏🏼

WenEver™️ is about patience. It’s keeping a goal in mind and achieving it. Doesn’t matter how long it takes. But when you finally get to that goal and start it, it’s that much sweeter!! You need to allow yourself the freedom to get to it when it makes sense in your life. Look, it’s been 19 years of wanting to remodel for us. But we had young kids to raise, work, holidays, travel, a torn ACL. You know, life throw so many things at us that become the priority. Our home just had to wait.

But after us living so fully in it for almost 2 decades, it does need some love and upgrades! Cannot wait to fix it all up so we can share more amazing new memories in it with our family and friends. When we can have them over to party with us again, post-covid! 🙌🏼🥰🙏🏼


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