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Ming-Na's Home Remodel Journey 9

I am a DIY Diva!!😁

Sure this may not look like much to your untrained eye, but I came up with this brilliant idea!

I had a laundry cart that housed 3 laundry bags. I took the bags off, added these grid shelvings and voila!! I LOVE IT!

This thing holds all things needed as I pack up my home! The most important part is it's on WHEELS! So I take all the packing necessities to wherever I’m boxing stuff.

We are remodeling the whole house while living in it. I feel like we’ve packed 20 times already moving from room to room as each section is being renovated.

The frustrating part was not finding the markers, tape gun, moving pads, ropes, strings, ziplock bags, etc, when I needed them!

Now, I have this badboy! Little joys in life makes for big happiness. That’s the Wenever™️ secret to staying young!😁🥰


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