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Ming-Na's Home Remodel Journey 6

Before/After (almost)


Finally got a little time to post some pics. This was originally the FORMAL livingroom. But who uses THAT anymore? We’ve always used it as a media/game room. The update is going to make it the ULTIMATE FUN ROOM of our home!!👏🏼👏🏼


•Remove window & board it up & plaster to match other cubby.

•Add potlights

•Remove & update fireplace

•Extend main wall, readjust entry into room

•new sliding patio doors

•remove old icky carpet & replace with hardwood floors

•add built in shelves

•add strip lighting to new shelves

•Redo electrics, including adding wall plugs for wall mounted large screen tv & floor plugs.

•paint whole room

A little white paint does wonders! Now the beautiful beams shine!!! They are SOO AMAZING now. It’s like seeing your longtime lover with new eyes!😍🥰

As you can see, remodeling is quite the process. Sure it’s stressful, but we remind ourselves that this is all a privilege, a blessing. Such joy beautifying our home. ❤️❤️🥰


Too much STUFF!!!

-Ok, granted, our 1st phase required us to empty out 3 rooms & 2 bathrooms. So everything went into this room. EVERYTHING! What a mess!😩😩

Then more packing & moving. As much as Eric & I have worked, we admire and appreciate all the really hard labor our construction workers do. They have such skills & talents!💪🏼💪🏼👏🏼

I pride myself in knowing a good deal when it comes to construction and I believe I have an eye for design. Through this remodel, I am learning so much more!! What a bonus.👏🏼

We are really happy with how this room has turned out so far! Total transformation.👍🏼🙌🏼

I will share tips & hopefully, can help you tackle your remodel. ❤️

I love our home. I’m such a homebody. This remodel is an 18 year dream in the making. 💫⭐️

Next phase is DEMO our master bathroom. 🚽🔨CAN’T WAIT! 😁🤘🏼


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