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Ming-Na's Home Remodel Journey 4

Pure Chaos !!

Now you know why I haven’t been posting. I am in the thick of renovation!

I cannot believe what a mess my house is right now!! And I’m going a bit crazy this week only because I’m also starting a new job. So my remodeling schedule has accelerated! Instead of two weeks to prep for Phase 3 of the reno, I’ve only got one week now!!🤪

Lots of packing up of our master bedroom/bathroom/closet before I start work next week. I’m a bit stressed but I take it one minute, one task at a time.

WENever™️ life gets more hectic, I breathe and remind myself that all this is good stuff! I am healthy, active and accomplishing something every day. Remember to appreciate the hectic. And if you need a break, take that time out. Do things WENever™️ with joy. 🙏🏼🥰😘


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