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Ming-Na's Home Remodel Journey 2

Friday Find! Hi Han!😘🥰

Woke up early today to start more packing for our remodel!👍🏼👏🏼


Remodel Update: 🏠

I posted in January that our home remodel has finally begun after 19 years!😏

Yes. 19!! See, I practice what I preach. You get things done Wenever™️ it is right for you!👍🏼

We have decided to live in the house during reno. 😳🤪

I know. With a huge remodel, most people choose to move out. With Covid, we were more comfortable in our own home. And not knowing if there may be future lockdowns or other delays, this made the most sense to us. It also saves us a shitboat of money that we can put towards the remodel instead of rent somewhere else! 🤑🤑

I like it because I see the progress and am available if our contractor has any questions. It allows us to be on premise to oversee everything.

Even though we have been living in the chaos of boxes throughout the house, we maintain a few rooms and spaces that we can escape to when we need some sanity.

Mine is my desk area. It’s a temporary desk area of folding tables because I already gave away my desk, but it works just fine! I can still do my bullet journaling, study my lines and have zoom meetings. Whew!

I am still shooting #TheBookofBobaFett right now. So it’s been hectic and busy. But then I find my Star Wars toys like this Han Solo on a TaunTaun from the attic. It makes me smile. Reminds me of that magical turn in my career. 🥰😍 And I remind myself that being able to do the remodel, even though it’s alot of work, is a privilege. 🙌🏼💗

Always look for the joy of what you’re doing!!😍👍🏼

I want to share what I’ve learned so far to make the remodel a fun journey. Sure there will be hiccups and some bitching along the way, but I hope to impart some great tips to any of you who are also remodeling or plan to in the near future!

Remodel Tip #1:

-Create a work or relax space you can run to WenEver™️ things get too messy or stressful.

Tip #2:

- Plan out your remodel! I’ve broken ours down to 4 phases. I will show you that next!! And zip up the remodel zone! #lessdusty

Ok, back to packing!!💪🏼📦📦 Then off to a recording session later today.👍🏼💖


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