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Ming-Na's Home Remodel Journey 12

MingteriorDesign™️ 🏡

Tip#1: Sticky notes, baby!📝

And YES, I am wearing @starwars pj shorts!😁

Living in the house during a remodel has many advantages.

One big one is, you catch mistakes early, because you are there every day!😁👍🏼 Here, in my Master Bathroom, the construction workers just added plugs and sconce wires where they thought they would go. They apparently DID NOT see my penciled in notes on the wall & just plastered over them. They also forgot a plug.

I realized that sticky notes works much better in getting their attention!👍🏼👏🏼

Remember, the little things like where plugs & light switches go are just as IMPORTANT as tiles & cabinets!

They are the stuff that we use the MOST on a daily bases. So it’s vital they are in the right places.

Even with the best design plans, things change during construction depending on where the studs are, what size mirrors you buy, etc. (Also, should I be talking about studs & plugs on a Sunday morning?🤔😏😂)

So it’s always good to know where YOU want things. After all, YOU’RE the one living in the house after everyone leaves. Not the designer or the construction people.

Tip #2 : Go into the space after demo to play out how everything will feel and function. Go into it again when the drywall goes up. I love moving around the room to make sure the design actually works. (OMG, so many innuendoes here. Must resist....😂)

Then slap on those sticky notes!📝👍🏼They can be moved around to decide the exact location. Then the guys can mark. This way, everyone is on the same page!!👏🏼👏🏼🏡


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