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Ming-Na on SteelCity Con

The past December 8 and 9 Ming-Na was at Steelcity Con, a comic con on her home city Pittsburgh. The day before she was on the Steelers game and she was so excited to meet fans on her hometown. She was two days on this comic con, the first day she was meeting fans and doing a photoshoot, on the second day she had also a panel.

She didn't do a post about it on instagram, but she posted on stories a few pictures of the panel and when she visited her family restaurant, the Chinatown Inn.

I was so lucky to travel to Pittsburgh and attend two days of the comic con with a friend and those days were truly amazing. I always said Ming-Na makes her meetings with fans special and this time she didn't disappoint. The first day we meet her only a few minutes on the autograph, but somehow she recognized me when we were waiting in line and make us skip it to see her. Then there were confusing moments where she was like 'do you want to take a picture with me no?' and I was like 'yeah but I still haven't pay for it' and her response was 'this is my Christmas gift to you", of course none literal quotes because my brain was still processing she hugged me to say hello. Later we were hanging out in the autograph area and Ming-Na passed by and poked me in my shoulder.

The next day was her second day on the con and we were the first in line from the autographs because we wanted to go early to have good seats for her panel that was at noon. She arrived and she did a instagram live of the queue, saying our names, she didn't save it so we couldn't watch it after, but still awesome she did that! That autograph session was more relaxed for me than the day before, I ask her to write something for a tattoo I had planned (and I've done it two days ago) and also I did ask her if would be possible to do her an fan interview for here and MingNaDaily (my Ming-Na fan account) and she didn't say no, just she'll give me her agent contacts, she didn't do it there so Ming-Na if you are reading this, my twitter dms are open.

After that was her panel. We mandaged to get good seats in second row and we were excited that the strike was over and she could talk about her characters and projects. I did record something but thanks to Fandom Spotlite you can watch the whole panel here.

At the end you can see that she gives to two fans a Fennec Shand phone holder, well... one of the fans is me. It was totally unexpected and I still can't believe that happened. She is an angel and I'm so glad I found her and become her fan.

Some pics of her panel:

The detail on the phone holder she gave me, it was the gift she gave to The Book Of Boba Fett cast and crew. I love than in Fennec's braid you can see her initials MNW and in the Boba font you see Fennec silhouette and the snipper riffle.

I'll be grateful forever for that gift and weekend.


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