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Ming-Na on Star Wars Celebration 2023

On April 8 to April 12 and located in London, UK, was the Star Wars Celebration a convention where is all Star Wars related. Last year was in Anaheim, CA and Ming-Na couldn't go because she was sick, but this year she was ready to go to London. She went Friday 8 and Saturday 9. On that Saturday besides of meeting her fans she was the guest host of the panel 40 years of Return of the Jedi and had her own mini panel on Star Wars Celebration Live.

May the Force Be With You!

What a wonderful time at @starwarscelebration in #london!

Love the fandom. I’m part of it! Was sooo nervous to be the moderator for the #ReturnoftheJedi panel. Then ended up having a great time chatting with everyone! What an incredible experience!! #dreamsdocometrue#nerdgirl 🙌🏼👏🏼🥰❤️

Loved seeing my @mandalorian family and meeting #StarWars icons! Oh, AND @dave.filoni put his cowboy hat on me! I’ve been crowned!😂🤠🥰❤️

I geeked out big time meeting @andyserkis@ian_mcdiarmid#billydeewilliams@warwickdavis for the first time! And so much love for our powerful beautiful #starwars ladies #kathleenkennedy@therealkateesackhoff@bigeswallz@trpcic and @hairdepartmentetc !🧡🖤🧡🖤

Also, lighting in convention halls are AWFUL for pictures. 😬 (Bless the lighting in my hotel room in last photo.) Also, shout out to @carlweathers for a great pep talk. Thank you for calming my nerves right before the #ROTJ panel. 🥰Why didn’t we take a selfie together, pal!🥰

Fennec Shand has ARRIVED!! 🖤🧡

What an amazing reception! How fun for this #starwars fan to get such an epic reception from, well, Star Wars fans!! The best in the world! 🖤🧡❤️🧡🖤❤️

Guess I had fun. Can’t really tell from these pics, right?😏

Thank you to all the fans for the loud love! 🖤🧡Thank you to @starwarscelebration for a fabulous weekend in London! And thank you @kworkworkwork for the eyelash glue!😂

On Saturday she did two panels, she was the host of the 40 Years of Return Of The Jedi where she was talking with the actors of the movie, Ian McDiarmid, Billy Dee Williams, Warwick Davis and Anthony Daniels. Plus more Star Wars creators like Rob Bredow, Neil Scanlan and Doug Chiang.

After the panel she was on the livestream of the show, her entrance was amazing while she was filming with her phone and her interview was the best of the show with difference, she is a Star Wars fan and she showed there sharing her love with the other fans.

Here some pics I took of her on the panels. I met her both days and without doubt it was one of the best experiences of the past years. She was so sweet and I'll thank her forever for the time she took with me. ❤️ My throat was sore after cheering her on the panels and just to see her being excited to be there was an unforgettable experience.


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