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Ming-Na on Hacks table read

Ming-Na was yesterday on Hacks table read where she and all the cast read and performed in front of an audience the finale of season two of Hacks "The One and Only". She shared her experience on instagram.

What fun reuniting with the #hacks gang last night.👍🏼🥰❤️Love them to pieces!

Here’s a tidbit. I thought we were just filming a table read for publicity. Had NO IDEA we were doing it in front of an audience. 😬😳Guess I should read my emails more carefully!🥴

I definitely had a bit of stage fright with the adrenal rush at first. It can happen no matter how long I’ve been doing this. To my relief, once we started, the professional muscles & mindset kicked in. Whew!😓

What a blast to be Janet Stone again! 😁Listening to the cast/writers/producers acting out “The One, the Only” ep was so fun! The best audience too. 👏🏼👏🏼

I do miss stage work…when I’m not having a panic attack.😳🤗#showbiz

Source: Ming-Na Wen instagram.

Ming-Na also posted photos before the event.

Feeling grand.👑

Makeup/Hair: @suzannaqface

Stylist: @michaelazee

Source: Ming-Na Wen instagram.

Always a great time with this one.❤️🥰

Thank you, @suzannaqface!! I love this look! 🥰❤️

Source: Ming-Na Wen instagram.


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