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Ming-Na on FanExpo Canada

Ming-Na went to Toronto this past August 26th to attend the FanExpo Canada, she met her fans and had a panel.

Because the strike she can't promote her work but she answered questions about her doing stuns, praising her stunt double Ming Qiu, she supported the SAG-AFTRA strike there, she talked a little of the behind the scenes of her cookbook and she played a little game at the end. You can see the whole panel (thank you Comic Jo @ YT for posting it) and I promise even is not the usual panel is an amazing panel.

On the game at the end, the moderator ask her if she liked All Dressed Up or Ketchup chips. She had no idea what was about, it seems those are the most popular chips flavours on Canada. She promised to try them and she did and tweeted about it.

Well, as promised, I've tried both! All Dressed Up vs Ketchup chips?

I gotta say, I didn't think I'd like the ketchup chips, but I am leaning more for them the more I eat them! Winner!

Thank you to all the wonderful fans & staff of #torontofanexpo! I had a blast!


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