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MIA no more

MIA no more! I’m BACK!🥰❤️


It’s been an incredible and hectic 2022 for me! How is your year of the Tiger going?

Yes, still cooking in my garage kitchen as the renovation continues in my home! So much progress! Can’t wait to show you! My dream kitchen is the final phase!

With everything going on, I’ve been feeling achy and sluggish. This is when I know my body is telling me to make some adjustments in what fuel or toxins I put in my body! For me, I stop eating gluten & sugar to clean out my inside. Give my cells a chance to heal from inflammation. You have to figure out what causes your body to react negatively and detox yourself. Even for a couple of days. I usually do it for a week to a month, depending on my schedule.

And yes, for me, eggs give me energy and sharpens my mind. Stay well & happy, my WenEver Warriors!❤️🥰❤️


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