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Be a Student in Life

#wenever you can, observe and learn. Always be a student in life. I have observed and watched incredibly talented designers, stylists, costume folks, makeup artists, hairstylists, and jewelers over the many years as an actor. I never thought much about clothes until my daughter who is a fashionista started teaching me what it truly means to have your own sense of style. (Yes, your kids are wonderful teachers too! So listen up, parents!) Clothes do have power. And energy. It can motivate you in many ways!


Clothes, makeup and hairstyle definitely help me as an actress to create my characters. Why would I not want those elements to reflect who I am in real life? Or on the press line of a premiere? I got so many compliments on this striking @cavanaghbaker blue suit. Not just because it’s ultra FAB, but because I felt like me in it. I felt confident and comfortable. Also, I even did my own makeup and hair for #jumanithenextlevel premiere! Skills and tips I learned over the years. My makeup/hair glam team texted to tell me I did an A+ job! Success!


Would you like me to do some tutorials? Let me know! 💙💙💙💙💙#weneverwoman


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