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AAPI Heritage Month

Happy May Day!💋🥰

And May is also AAPI Heritage Month!

Celebrate your Asian heritage with pride!! My contribution as an actress is more than just to entertain, I get to represent with strong female characters such as #AgentMay, #Mulan, #FennecShand. The arts find a way to get into people’s hearts. In turn, it expands and opens minds to accept new thoughts. Positive thoughts that can lead to greater acceptance and sharing of the human experience.

All that said, ultimately, I am most proud of being mom to our two amazing children! That’s my greatest achievement and contribution to society. 🙏🏼🙌🏼

I loved it when our kids visited China and met our relatives there. It was very important and meaningful for them to learn their history and culture. I want them to be equally proud to be Americans AND Chinese.

If you’re an AAPI, I want you to take a moment to recognize YOUR contributions to this country. Be proud! CELEBRATE! 🎉🎉😍🥰


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