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25th anniversary of Mulan's release

On June 19th was the 25 anniversary of Mulan's release on cinemas. Because the anniversary was on Fathers Day Ming-Na talk about the relationship between Mulan and her father. On other post she thanked Mulan's creative team.

Oops. Pretend it’s still yesterday….😉

Happy 25th Anniversary, Mulan!


It is so perfect that the 25th anniversary of the release of this @disney animated classic fell on Father’s Day! 💕🩷💖🌸

It was #Mulan’s love for her father that drove her to join the army in his stead. As a result, she discovered her potential, self-worth and made some friends. She also saved China.

Most importantly, she learned that her father was always proud of her and loved her very much.

Happy Father’s Day from Mulan!!!❤️🥰❤️

Source: MingNa_Wen instagram.

From recording booth to premieres.

When I stepped into the recording booth to voice #Mulan, I never imagined how much she would mean to me and the world. I am forever thankful to Barry Cook, Tony Bancroft, Pam Coats, Ruth Lambert, Rita Hsiao, all the other producers, writers, cast, crew, animators, composers, musicians, etc for all their creative energy & care in making #Mulan the classic film it is. I am forever grateful to be part of her legacy. #princesswarrior#disneyprincess



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