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The story of Ming-Na's Mulan statue.

Ming-Na posted a few days ago her new custom shelf and how her awards and memories were displayed there, she also said that the Mulan statue, which is a limited edition and she got in 1998 for her movie Mulan, was lost and she only found it a year ago and promised to tell us the story. She fulfilled that promise on her WenEver instagram, posting the story in two parts.

Part 1 of the saga of my missing #Mulan statue.

Only 50 of them were made. A limited edition to celebrate the world premiere of the @Disney animated film, #Mulan on June 5, 1998. Mine is #45.

It has travelled from Burbank to NYC to Pittsburgh where it disappeared from its last known location. My mom’s house.😐

It went missing after she moved to Vegas. We looked at my brother’s house, at the restaurant’s upstairs offices. It simply vanished. My mom did not remember seeing it. Of course.

So I figured she just threw it away. 😵‍💫😭💔

I’ve looked online to see if someone might be selling theirs. No luck. So I just figured it was gone and that was that. I was resigned to the fact that I will never know what happened to it. ☹️ 💔

Pt 2: The saga of my #Mulan statue

When my mom moved to Vegas, the statue went missing for over 2 decades. Believe me, I am also keeping the box which had safely stored the statue all these years!

That phone call from my brother was the best call ever! He then took the box to Vegas and left it at my mom’s home. AGAIN!! I made sure this time that she did not let it out of her sight. I went and got it soon after and brought it back to LA which funny enough, was where it began its journey!😂

I still cannot believe we’re reunited. This statue represents great memories and achievements of everyone who I had the luck to work with in bringing #Mulan to theatres. The world premiere at @hollywoodbowl was spectacular! 👏🏼

I guess the statue was waiting for me to remodel and find a great spot for it in our home!🥰❤️ Happy to have it home once again.🥳

Source: weneverbyMingNaWen Instagram (part 1 / part 2)

On her main account she also posted about the statue with a few pictures.

Lost and Found.

23 years later, I’m reunited with this very limited and special #Mulan bronze statue. Only 50 of them were made. It was to celebrate the world premiere of the @disney animated film, #Mulan. June 5th, 1998.

Go to @weneverbymingnawen to watch the reels as to what happened to the box. I’m still amazed. And yes, like all things #Disney, this story has a happy ending.😁❤️

Also, how weird that the company who made the statue was called “Legends.” Foresight much? 🤔#synchronicity#meaningfulcoincidences

Source: MingNa_Wen instagram.


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