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Ming-Na Wen to receive her Hollywood Star

Hollywood Walk of Fame Class of 2022 - Ming-Na will be receiving her Star under the Television Category on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

Ming-Na recently shared in an interview with ET that her husband, Eric Zee was the one who got her team to submit her name for nomination.

“My husband was the one that was constantly saying that, you know, I should, I've worked 40 years in this business and I've done so much. And being an Asian women on top of it, like all the obstacles. And I'm just like - ok, whatever, honey! He got my team to submit my name and I never in a million years thought I would be chosen as a recipient. I'm so honored and so grateful for the people at the Hollywood Walk of Fame. ”

You can view the full interview here.

Ming-Na's Star Ceremony has not been fix yet, but we will be sharing it on our social media platforms once the dates is announced.


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