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Ming-Na's 60th Birthday

On November 20 was Ming-Na's birthday, it was her 60th birthday so her friends and family wanted to celebrate with her and she was in a few parties.

My husband is the most wonderful man. I am very lucky to have him, love him, and adore him. But this guy DOESN'T LISTEN!

I told him I didn't want a surprise birthday party or a big party at all. I just want a quiet get together. He has gotten me many many times with surprise parties. I fall for it EVERYTIME!! So he said he would agree to my demands for no surprise party. He LIED!!!😡

On Oct 27th, we were going to #taylorswifterostourmovie.

I was dressed in overalls with no makeup. Totally not prepared for what was about to happen. Obviously!!

When everyone yelled "SURPRISE!" took me several seconds to register that it was for me. I couldn't believe it.🎂🎊🎂🎁🎂🥳🎊

Damn you, Eric! You got me again!

It turned out to be a fun night, dancing in the theatre to #TaylorSwift (who's truly amazing! I consider myself a #swiftie now.) and eating cake with phallic decorations. At least I thought they were. 😏

Thank you to all my friends who participated in this great surprise and helping me celebrate my birthday early last month. It is such a blessing to have so much love and friendship. Even with a husband who doesn't listen and lies. He's a keeper!


But that was only Part 1 of his diabolical plan for surprise birthday parties!

ForPart 2, Eric also threw me a beautiful party in New York City. I was in NYC to hang with Michaela and he flew out and surprised me.

He went through all the trouble to book a great hotel space with outdoor patios overlooking Manhattan and gathered so many friends and family! I was surprised to see some dear friends who came in from out of town and ones I hadn't seen in awhile. 🥰❤️

And TECHNICALLY, he did keep his promise.

TODAY is my real birthday, and we are just having a nice quiet day at home. No parties...

I HOPE! 🙏🏼

Thank you to everyone who came out and I love all my fans who have been wishing me a happy birthday! So many blessings!! Thank you! And biggest thank you to my beloved and amazing husband. Love you forever, Eric. May we share decades more of bdays together. 🙏🏼❤️🥰🎂🎁🎊

Her fans we also wanted to celebrate her birthday and we made a video for her birthday. I was lucky to attend a few comic cons with some of her co stars and I asked them to say a few words for the video.


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