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Ming-Na on Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai

Ming-Na is now doing promo for Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai which is going to air next May 23. The show is an animated prequel of the film Gremlins, it is set in the 1920s in Shanghai and is going to tell the story about how a 10 years old Sam Wing met Gizmo. Ming-Na is Fong Wing, Sam's mom. She said in different interviews that Fong Wing is extremely loving and very protective also... a little bossy. She is also good with Chinese medicine and wanting to take care of people. The show is going to have 10 episodes and is going to stream on Max.

Ming-Na shared on instagram the poster of the show and how she felt to be in the Gremlin universe.

Magic is all around us.

I voice Fong Wing, Sam’s mom.

So crazy & nostalgic to be working with @amblin. As a kid, I always got excited whenever the Amblin Entertainment’s logo of Elliot flying on his bike with ET appeared in the film’s credits. It always meant I was in for a fantastic cinematic adventure!

Now, I am in an @amblin project based on an iconic film from the 80s! I’m so emotional about this. And yes, another box marked off on my nerd bingo card! 😁👏🏼🥰

From executive producers Steven Spielberg 🥰and Tze Chun 🥰comes Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai. ❤️

The adventure begins May 23, only on MAX. I cannot wait for you to see this series!

The trailer of the show, with a few glimpses of Ming-Na's character.

A few days ago Max released the Making of with her, the producer Tze Chun and BD Wong who plays her husband (thanks for that Mulan reunion) talking about her characters and the show.

Below some interviews she did for different outlets with BD Wong and James Hong. In some of them she answered questions about Melinda May and Fennec Shand.


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