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Breakfast Protein Shake

When I gain a few pounds, it shows on my face. I noticed that in S6 @agentsofshield. My metabolism has slowed down. To lose those pounds has been quite the challenge, especially with all that food at craft service & catered food on set. So before I put on a bathing suit this summer, I am determined to look and feel my best. I start with this protein drink. Protein powder, with matcha, almond butter, soy milk, ice, water & frozen berries. I sip it slowly so I don’t eat anything until lunch. This way, I don’t get hungry. If I drink the whole thing at once, I know I’ll be looking to eat something else in a couple of hours. If you want to lose some weight or feel heathier, do this with me @wenever you can! And let me know your goal. Mine is to lose 5 lbs and gain a stronger core. 👍#wenever™️🥰


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