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25th anniversary of Mulan

On June 5 was the 25th of the premiere of Mulan and Ming-Na posted a sweet post on instagram to celebrate it sharing photos of the 1998 premiere and some photos of the past month with some of the cast.

Happy 25th, #Mulan!🎂🎉


Love to everyone involved with this @disney classic!

It’s been quite a walk down memory lane reuniting with some of my #Mulan family just the past month. Love to my beautiful friends, @msleasalonga, @wongbd & @thejameshong. 🌸🩷💞

Most of all, love to our fans!!


I love hearing how #Mulan have impacted your lives and helped you to find the warrior within yourselves.💪🏼Your love for #Mulan shoots straight to my heart and will connect us forever.

Happy 25th anniversary to our warrior princess. Thank you, @Disney, for this groundbreaking, epic and beloved animation.


Source: MingNa_Wen instagram.


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